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Welcome To Airpoll Engineering

Air Poll engineering Company, is an engineering firm specializing in the design and manufacture of air pollution control equipments. Specifically, we design and manufacture jet venturi scrubbers, SOx-NOx scrubbers, high energy venturi scrubbers and packed towers. We serve solutions to Chemical, bulk pharmaceutical drugs, Food, Pulp and Paper, Power, Dye Intermediate, metal refining companies among others.

Overview Of Scrubber Systems

The use of scrubbers for control of air pollution has gained wide acceptance throughout the industry.

Particulate collectors such as cyclones and electrostatic precipitators cannot efficiently absorb gases or remove odors.

Jet Venturi Fume Scrubber System

Air Poll Jet Venturi is a device specially designed to scrub huge volumes

Vent Gas Scrubber

Vent Gas Scrubber System is comprised of a Fig. 2.2 Scrubber combined with Liquid Gas Separator.

High Energy Venturi Scrubber System

High Energy Venturi Scrubber System is a wet scrubbing system that combines a High Energy.
  • Jet Venturi Fume Scrubber System
  • Vent Gas Scrubber System
  • High Energy Venturi Scrubber System
  • Packed Tower Gas Scrubber Type
  • Packaged Scrubber
  • WET Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Kitchen Exhaust Scrubber

Jet Venturi Fume Scrubber System

Principle Of Operation

There is sudden expansion and contraction near the venture throat where the velocity of the gas is very high and separation takes place which is known as Vena Contracta. The Motive fluid, generally water leaves nozzle in a hollow cone spray, creating a draft which draws the gases and vapors in to the moving stream where it is continuously scrubbed. Jet Venturi scrubber is highly efficient for the fume/ gas scrubbing.

Particulate contaminants are removed through impaction by the high velocity spray of scrubbing liquid. Gases and odors are eliminated through absorption and/or chemical reaction between the gases and scrubbing liquid. When properly matched to the application, these scrubbers, by their nature, are better able to cope with the high temperatures, heavy contaminant loads, and corrosive conditions often encountered.

Vent Gas Scrubber System

Principle Of Operation

Vent Gas Scrubber System is comprised of a Fig. 2.2 Scrubber combined with Liquid Gas Separator. Both are available from stock. Use of the combined Fig. 2.1 Vent Gas Scrubber and Gas Separator is recommended where it is undesirable to send the entrained gas down the drain with the scrubbing liquid. No pressure drop is encountered when using this Liquid Gas Separator, therefore, no effect on scrubber capacity is seen.

It operates on the gravity principle with the liquid directed to the bottom to run out a drain opening while the gas must make a 180 degree change of direction to exit through a top outlet. The unit is sized to allow low gas velocity so that gravity separation can be achieved.

High Energy Venturi Scrubber System

Principle Of Operation

High Energy Venturi Scrubber System is a wet scrubbing system that combines a High Energy Venturi Scrubber with a Cyclonic Separator. These scrubbers are effective in the removal of dusts, fumes, vapors, and mists; as well as a variety of other air pollutants. Removal efficiency is related to the characteristics of the contaminant and the pressure drop induced across the throat section of the venturi.

The Cyclonic Separator operates on the inertial effect which makes the heavier liquid and solid materials travel in a path around the walls of the separator and the gas or vapor takes a path toward the center. By suitably locating the exits, the separated streams are collected for further processing.

Packed Tower Gas Scrubber Type

Principle Of Operation

Packed Tower Gas Scrubbers are low-energy gas scrubbers. They are used for gas absorption, cooling, and recovery. Because of their high scrubbing efficiency and low power consumption, they are used in many industries for a broad range of applications. Scrubbers of this type perform best when gases to be handled are free of particles, since these tend to clog the packing.

In operation, scrubbing liquid enters the tower through a nozzle and is sprayed uniformly across the top of a packed bed so that it trickles evenly through the packing material from top to bottom without channeling. Gas enters the tower through the inlet near the bottom and passes through the support plate into the packed bed, counter current to the flow of the scrubbing liquid, contaminants are removed. After passing through the packed bed, the cleaned gas passes through a mist eliminator section near the top of the tower. Here, any entrained liquid is removed before the clean air is discharged through the outlet.

Packaged Scrubber

Principle Of Operation

Packaged Scrubber System is a completely "packaged", movable gas scrubber separator system that is especially designed for use in pilot plants, laboratories, or temporary locations in full size processing plants. Packaged Scrubber System uses water or other liquid to clean large quantities of objectionable gases that are inherent in most laboratories or processing applications.

Packaged Scrubber System can achieve contaminant removal efficiencies as high as 99.99% in many applications.This package typically consists of a Ejector Venturi Gas Scrubber and Separator with storage mounted on a steel baseplate. Depending on the customer’s requirements, pump and recirculating piping may be supplied. Optional accessories may include a heat exchanger, a level gauge or alarm or an additional liquid storage tank. Since all Packaged Scrubber Systems are custom sized and designed, design temperature and pressure will be accounted for on an individual basis.

WET Electrostatic Precipitators